Trotter Montgomery Picard Scholarship

The Trotter Montgomery Picard Scholarship supports students with formal or informal learning challenges to help students identify their strengths and needs and obtain education resources that are not available in the classroom. This scholarship is dedicated to three exceptional individuals who impacted the personal and professional development of many people;

Joanne Trotter

Joanne was known for her capacity to coach and mentor employees and leaders throughout her successful career in a variety of human resources senior management positions. Joanne always saw the best in everyone and her genuine interest in others and passion for giving back to those less fortunate led to her wide network of friends, family and community followers. 

Christopher Montgomery

Chris touched the lives of hundreds of students and teachers as a high school teacher, head of the English department and as President of the OECTA teachers union. Developing strong relationships with his colleagues, students, children and grandchildren contributed to his positive influence on others.

Rene Picard

Rene also impacted everyone he connected with, especially his children, grandchildren, friends and colleagues. Rene believed that all goals were achievable despite an individual’s age, ability or environmental factors. He demonstrated this by generously sharing his knowledge and experience with anyone who expressed the desire to learn from him. 

Educational Assessment Included


Educational support is sometimes difficult to obtain without a medical diagnosis or educational assessment. Therefore, each recipient of this award will receive a screening test and/or a diagnostic educational assessment to help them identify their academic and learning strengths and needs, interests, learning preferences and motivational tendencies. A learning plan will then be generated based on the results of the assessments with suggested resources that may support the student’s needs. Resources could include tutoring, academic coaching, educational software, or accommodation supplies. The student may use their $500 scholarship to obtain one of these resources or another educational resource of their choice.


Applicant Requirements

There are three requirements for applicants of this scholarship:

  1. Each applicant will use a creative medium to describe an academic or personal challenge they faced and how they were able to use their strengths to overcome this challenge. Examples of creative mediums could include video, podcast, image, drawing, song, poem or other creative formats.
  2. Each applicant will also share the type of educational resources they would like to obtain with the scholarship and describe how these resources will help them continue to succeed.
  3. A referral from a teacher, school or community representative who is familiar with the applicant’s learning challenge will be requested during the final selection period.