1. Remember- 3,000 coins

Video dialogue with teacher and student

TeacherSo were you playing on your video games or going for a run this time?
StudentWell, I was actually just chilling.
TeacherChilling is good and can also just give your brain a break before you have to train your brain in an intense activity like a test.
StudentTraining my brain? I thought training was just for sports like running or team sports.
TeacherWell when you don’t practice a lot and give your body appropriate breaks in a sport or other competitive activity,  you may not perform well at the game. It’s the same for tests at school. You can’t remember information by just practicing the night before the test and not getting enough rest. 
StudentI hadn’t thought of that as I usually try to cram my brain with information so I can hold it for a short time just to do the test and get it over with.
TeacherThat comes back to not really understanding. Let’s do an activity now to practice training our brain. Just watch this video first and follow the instructions afterwards.